Because You’re Loved

A catalyst for everyday mission
Because You’re Loved

Because You’re Loved is a series of programs designed to introduce people to Jesus. It’s an adventure that goes beyond simply serving our communities to mobilising them to encounter God. Specifically designed as an alternate approach to mission, Because You’re Loved can be done anywhere, at any time, with anyone. Made up of three week-long programs, participants take part in dares to engage with the community, share stories of God’s love, and bring people to Christ-centered events. This simple guide equips you with the tools to become a catalyst of transformation in your community.


Amazon Reviews

A guide book to take people on local mission!

5.0 out of 5 stars , July 19, 2016 By  Paul Clayton Gibbs

“This is a great book to guide those you lead through three amazing mission programs.

One of my concerns as a leader, encouraging others to share their faith, has been that most evangelism appears unbalanced… it is either all words and no action or all actions and no words. In this book the author outlines three simple programs that connect together. One helps people show their faith through action. One helps them share their faith through words and one helps them take responsibility to practically bring them to faith. It is practically written and carries the heart of the author’s passion to reach those who do not know God.

Plus the book comes with lots of free giveaways you can get online so for he price of the book it could save you thousands of $$$ in graphic .design”



3.0 out of 5 stars , August 7, 2016 By Merthyn

“Found it informative and helpful in directing us in how to do “Because you are loved” in our region.”