Haverim Devotions

How to Study Anything with Anyone
Haverim Devotions

Did you realize that Jesus’ style of teaching was fundamentally different from contemporary Christian Bible study? Yet, the means by which Jesus understood and unpacked the scriptures are completely relevant today. More than that, His rabbinical style of communication, comprised of four levels, is essential for engaging believers and non-believers alike.

By transferring the four lost methods of study into a modern format, Pais Global Director Paul Gibbs developed what has become known as Haverim DevotionsTM. This fresh approach to the ancient way is now occurring in small groups around the world, connecting people to God through His Word…and helping them connect others.

Delving into the why, what, and how of each level, this book equips you to launch your own group study using Haverim DevotionsTM.

This is not a list of steps to execute, but an invitation to come and experience.
This is not a presentation tool, but a participation tool.
This is not about providing the right answers, but provoking the right questions.
This is not about consuming knowledge, but connecting with others to share it.
It is, as the ancient Hebrews once referred to it…Haverim.


Amazon Reviews

I Just never Knew …

5.0 out of 5 stars, July 18, 2013 By Pierce

“Does scripture confuse you? Or…does the Old Testament seem odd in it’s portrayal of God?

If you’ve ever wanted to study the bible in a way that was stripped of American culture and understand “The Book” like an AD era rabbi, than this book will give you the tools you need to read the bible with “Ancient Enlightenment”.

It’s only 4 Easy Steps and it will change your life!”


Not just life changing, but community changing.

5.0 out of 5 stars, September 20, 2013 By Walker Clan

“Doing Haverim with a group of people will simply redefine how you learn, what you learn, who teaches you, how much of it you remember, and, more importantly, how much of it you apply. Why? Simple, you are not being taught, you are teaching yourself. You are not being told by someone who knows, you are being told by The One who knows. You are not learning for the sake of knowledge, you are leaning for the sake of becoming a new person, and helping others to do the same.”