Kingdom Patterns

Alternative Thoughts on Finding Direction
Kingdom Patterns

Have you ever felt that God was not where you expected Him to be? Have you ever lost a sense of connection and therefore a sense of purpose? Have you ever lost track of His direction in your life? The Seed and the Cloud by Paul Clayton Gibbs provides practical guidance for discovering God’s purpose in your life. Teaching you how to think, not what to think, the author shows you how to ask better questions of God in order to get better answers.


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Clear and concise applications

5.0 out of 5 stars , February 27, 2016 By  Analynn

“I enjoyed reading The Seed and the Cloud and would recommend it to anyone grappling with the enigma of finding God’s will. The author explains how asking right questions and discovering divine patterns encourages us to find our purpose. I especially identified with the pattern of the trench where we find God’s direction by focusing on what He wants to do in us rather than through us. Having read the other two books in the Kingdom Trilogy, I appreciate the author’s structured straightforward style and his extensive historical and biblical research supporting each topic he presents. The reader is consistently challenged to think on a deeper level about the issues confronting Christians who desire to seek first the kingdom of God. The book is easily read and includes clear and concise applications for the journey.”


Finding the direction of God in ways we never expected

5.0 out of 5 stars , February 23, 2016 By  Paul Whittaker

“The Seed and the Cloud offers an alternative to discovering the will of God. An area of our lives so vital to living how God intended, yet so easily missed by many who are diverted away from their quest of finding it. Is the will of God something to be found or is it a constant walk in which God teaches us through life experiences? Gibbs presents us with patterns…Kingdom patterns…that describe the various stage that our quest is at. I have totally identified with the teaching of this book and been comforted by the fact that despite the uncertainty of my current situation I can be at peace in knowing that God has ultimate control. I recommend this book especially to those who have lost direction right now and need an explanation as to why life isn’t turning out quite as they had expected.”