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Kingdom Pioneering

Do you have an idea, a vision, a passion to bring about change? If so, you need this book. In this completely revised second edition, The Line and the Dot equips you to navigate the four stages of vision. Drawing on his experience of pioneering the global Pais Movement of missionaries making missionaries, author and speaker Paul Clayton Gibbs prepares you to pass the tests each stage brings. This book both forewarns and forearms you so that you can see your own vision fulfilled.


Amazon Reviews

Inspirational book

4.0 out of 5 stars , Oct 30, 2010 By  Roger K. L.

“Paul Gibbs is sharing some really interesting thaughts on modern day missionary work in his book ‘the line and the dot’. Everyone who’s open for beeing challenged by some new ideas about how to reach the young generation for Christ I would recommend for you to read this book.”


Deep and Impactful!

5.0 out of 5 stars , June 30, 2010 By  Stephanie

“The Line and the Dot” will inspire you, challenge you, and really open your eyes to a greater depth of understanding of Jesus’ heart. As I go through each day, God has used what I have read in this book to show me more of what He sees, more of who He is, and more of who He created me to be.This book can help you to find the seeds that have been planted, watered, and that God is wanting to grow in you! Your purpose in life will become more clear! Through this book, I have gained so much insight into how to live the abundant life that God desires for all of us to have! To leave this world a better place than when I entered it. I love seeing the world in a new way!”