MAIN AIM: To teach the children how to respect people who are different than they are, by asking questions & building relationships. Respect


Teaching Primary School kids justice and how to be fair. To show them being just is better than being unfair and in the end being fair is more rewarded. Justice and being...

Good To Be Me

To help the kids understand they are unique and special the way they are through a drama about a baker and how the ingredients make an awesome community. Good to be me

Mutual Respect

This file contains a template for an assembly about Mutual Respect and Tolerance. Main aim? To teach them how to think not what to think about the theme; taking our strength out of God’s love; to introduce Jesus as our role model; to show that they are unique and have...

Adventurers in Real Life – Bear Grylls

These files contains the story of Bear Grylls showing why he is a good example for the children. His adventures and story of life can be an inspiration for us to get into our own adventures. Teach the children 3 things: 1st We all have our gifts and we are able to use...

Power of Words

To help the students to understand the power of words. Power of Words

The Bible

: To help the students to understand the importance and significant. The Bible

Thankfulness and Caring

Aimed at Primary School age, being thankful and caring for others The attached document is a piece ministry description with ideas on how to run an assembly for a primary school about the theme “Being thankful and caring for others”. Share with the...


Description: An assembly for children of Primary School age about Pilgrimage and journeys. Main Aim: To show God’s faithfulness in the journey we take with him and to encourage them to rely on God in their journey of life....


Description: To have a funny assembly with children (Primary School age) Main Aim: Life isn’t always fair, but God is fair and justice and he wants us to be the same....

Christmas Gift

To help kids understand Jesus is the greatest gift we have received. Answers the question, what is Christmas about? Image